Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Office of the Dean for Research is dedicated to fostering greater diversity and broader participation in research within the University and with academic institutions beyond Princeton. 

We do this through a unit-wide commitment to expanding research collaborations with minority-serving institutions and by building an inclusive culture in our workplace.

Expanding research collaborations with minority-serving institutions

Bringing together faculty-led research at Princeton and researchers at minority-serving institutions, the Princeton Alliance for Collaborative Research and Innovation (PACRI) fosters and funds research and innovation collaborations in the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences. By program pairing principal investigators and their teams from Princeton and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to investigate a wide range of research topics, PACRI addresses the issue of equitable funding in research while training greater numbers of researchers and catalyzing discoveries that can benefit humanity.

The program offers opportunities for students at both institutions to engage with new faculty members, organize symposia, participate in innovation activities, and develop new skills.

Building an inclusive workplace culture

The Office of the Dean for Research Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is a standing committee that guides and oversees a living plan to ensure that our work environment is positive and welcoming, appreciative of a diverse staff population, and sensitive to the needs of our larger campus community. The committee guides the continual development and growth of a diverse and inclusive culture in the Dean for Research unit to ensure that all personnel feel that they belong, are treated equitably, and are an integral part of the functioning of the unit. 

The committee has three pillars of focus:

  • Building our employment brand and improving our ability to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds while also focusing on developing and retaining talent.  
  • Engaging multiple layers of leadership and creating additional and comprehensively applied educational opportunities focused on diversity.
  • Maintaining a satisfactory experience for all employees by building our inclusive culture with a focus on strategic learning with the support of the Office of Human Resources.


  • Jessica Pilotti, Business Manager, CEFR
  • Maureen Thompson-Siegel, Senior Associate Director, CEFR 

Committee Members

  • Grace Barnett, Staff Veterinarian, LAR
  • Stasie Bicek, Administrative Assistant, CEFR
  • Hope Caldwell, Associate Director, RIA
  • Cortney Cavanaugh, New Ventures and Licensing Associate, OTL
  • Chi Chung, Senior Grant and Contract Administrator, ORPA
  • Lauren Danridge, Associate Director, IACUC/IBC/PAM, RIA
  • Prabhpreet Gill, Technology Licensing Associate, OTL
  • Michael Hegarty, Innovation Program Specialist, VDI
  • Jatanie Jonas, Grants and Finance Administrator, VDI
  • Jamus MacGuire, Assistant Director, Veterinary Services, LAR
  • Ivy Mon’gare, Grant and Contract Administrator, ORPA
  • Lieve Monnens, Executive Assistant, ODFR
  • Sacha Patera, Senior Associate Director, CEFR

University-wide resources

Diversity, inclusion and anti-racism initiatives are high priorities at Princeton University. 

Visit inclusive.princeton.edu for campus-wide programs, resources and contacts.