Office of the Dean for Research

Supports the success of a world-class research enterprise by enabling innovation and discovery through its resources and services. These include:


Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations

Cultivates collaborations with companies and foundations to support strategic, catalytic, and capacity-building programs and research across all academic areas.

  • Corporate Relationships
  • Private Foundations
  • Strategic Fundraising
  • Stewardship


Laboratory Animal Resources

Provides quality, humane care for all animals used for instruction, research, and testing at Princeton University.

  • Animal Husbandry Care
  • Veterinary Care
  • Research Support
  • Field and Lab Research


Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Supports student, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs to further Princeton’s educational mission in a manner rooted in Princeton's strengths as a liberal arts institution and leading research university.

  • Education and Mentoring
  • Funding
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship Space


Research and Project Administration

Provides support and guidance to researchers for obtaining sponsored research funds and managing sponsored program activity in today’s complex regulatory environment.

  • Grant Proposals
  • Negotiating Awards
  • Export Controls
  • Funding Opportunities


Research Integrity and Assurance

Provides compliance and regulatory expertise to promote responsible and ethical research practices within the research community.

  • Animal Research
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Biological Agents and DNA
  • Financial Conflict of Interest


Technology Licensing

Facilitates the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries into products and services for societal benefit.

  • Inventions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Material Transfers
  • Licensing


Partner Offices

Environmental Health and Safety

Provides leadership, technical support, information and training, and periodic audits covering workplace safety, occupational health, laboratory safety, emergency management, environmental programs, and general health and safety.

Finance and Treasury

Provides support to researchers with sponsored research accounting, procurement, and risk management as part of their responsibility for the receipt, disbursement, and custody of Princeton University’s financial resources.

Office of Information Technology

Provides support to researchers with research computing, research data management, information security, and other IT-related services.

Office of the Dean of the Faculty

Oversees the policies, guidance and academic appointments of faculty and academic professionals. 

Office of the General Counsel

Provides the campus with services to review research agreements and advise on regulatory matters pertaining to research. 

Office of the Provost

Provides leadership regarding budget related matters, space programming and planning, and institutional research.

Office of Undergraduate Research

Assists undergraduate students with information on research opportunities, independent work, funding, and events.

The Graduate School

Oversees the admissions, academic opportunities, available resources, policies, and procedures pertaining to graduate students.