Dean for Research Innovation Funds

Fostering discovery

Recognizing that unconventional or untested ideas can be difficult to fund through conventional sources, the University created the Dean for Research Innovation Funds to make such explorations possible.

These competitive innovation funds encourage faculty to explore bold new ideas in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, as well as foster collaboration between artists and scientists or engineers, and new collaborations with industry.

Explore the opportunities below to find fund descriptions and submission deadlines.

  • New Ideas in the Natural Sciences

    Supports the exploration of early stage, high-potential ideas with the goal of eventually submitting a competitive external proposal.
  • New Industrial Collaborations

    Fosters research collaborations between industry and academia, helping identify challenges and aiding the transformation of discoveries.
  • Collaborations between Artists and Scientists or Engineers

    Brings faculty in seemingly unrelated fields together in ways that expand their respective domains and benefit both disciplines.
  • New Ideas in the Humanities

    Encourages innovative scholarship on original theories as well as enduring questions.
  • New Ideas in the Social Sciences

    Promotes scholarship and explorations of society and human advancement.