New Industrial Collaborations

This fund aims to support research collaborations between industry and academia. Industry often plays an essential role in bringing the innovations of Princeton researchers to fruition and making them available to benefit society.

PI Eligibility

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members in Division III (Natural Sciences) and IV (Engineering) are invited to submit proposals limited to one proposal per faculty member. Other things being equal, preference will be given to faculty members who did not receive funding in previous rounds of this competition. 


Proposers may request up to $100,000 for year 1, and up to $75,000 in year 2. Funding for year 2 is contingent upon 1:1 matching by industry. Projects can therefore receive up to $250,000 over two years, of which up to $75,000 would come from industry, and $175,000 from the University. Expenditures can include equipment, supplies, graduate student stipend and tuition, post-doctoral salary and benefits, and undergraduate student stipend.

Funding from a company in which a PI has significant financial interest is not allowed. For the purpose of this initiative, a PI has a significant financial interest in a company if he/she has received $5,000 or more in cumulative salary or payment for services during the previous 12 months, or if the value of any equity interest possessed by a PI in the company plus cumulative salary and payment for services during the past 12 months equals or exceeds $5,000.

Proposal Preparation Instructions

Applications should be brief, no more than two pages plus a budget, and must include a letter of intent (LOI) stating a company’s commitment to provide funding in year 2.

Submission Information

Submit proposals online using this Submission Form for Innovation Fund for New Industrial Collaborations (log in with NetID required).

Review Criteria

Proposals will be judged on the bases of quality, originality, and potential impact. A faculty committee will review the proposals and make funding recommendations.

Project Report

At the end of the project, awardees must submit a brief report summarizing the outcomes and impact of the award to the Office of the Dean for Research. Download the Project Report Template.

Call for Proposals

  • Dates
    • Proposal submission deadline: Nov 30, 2021
    • Funding could start as early as March, 2022
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