Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund

Call for Proposals


Discoveries made in the course of University research may hold the key to solving some of today’s most pressing problems. The Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund awards funding to Princeton investigators with the goal of fostering and advancing the development of promising technologies from University labs into the global marketplace, for utilization in the public interest.

The fund helps bridge the development gap between early-stage research and attractive opportunities for companies and other organizations that wish to further develop Princeton technologies. The fund is meant to support proof-of-concept work, data collection and/or prototyping that can yield important information, or research that demonstrates the potential practical applications or economic and technical viability of the technology. 

PI Eligibility

Princeton University investigators (tenured, tenure-track faculty and research staff) with a technology or invention previously disclosed to the Office of Technology Licensing


Proposal submission deadline: 5:00 P.M. October 5, 2018 
Awards announcement: late October or early November, 2018  
Starting date: approximately December 1, 2018


Up to $100,000 for projects spanning six months to one year

Proposal Preparation Instructions

Each proposal should be two-to-three pages in length and include an executive summary describing how the funds will be utilized to make the technology more readily licensable to venture capitalists and/or existing companies, project description describing the development (e.g. proof-of-concept work, data collection, prototyping, etc.) of a technology/invention previously disclosed to the Office of Technology Licensing, and budget for the proposed work.  

Proposals should be clearly designated with one of the following two categories:

  • engineering/software/physical science
  • biomedical/healthcare/life science  

Proposals will be reviewed versus others in the same category.

Covered expenses include salaries (graduate students, post-docs, and undergraduate summer stipends, but not PI summer salaries), benefits, consultants, equipment, and other research expenses. No overhead will be charged for these awards.

Submission Information

Submit proposals via email to John Ritter, Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Each proposal will receive a prompt acknowledgement as assurance that it has been properly received.

Review Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty and venture capitalists. The selection of proposals for funding will be based on scientific and technical merit, commercial potential, potential for obtaining broad patent protection, potential for technology transfer, and the potential for the research to benefit the public.   

Scientific and Technical Merit

  • Quality of the proposed research and scholarship
  • Innovation and novelty of the proposed research and/or technology
  • Technical feasibility and risk of the project and/or technology
  • Probability of achieving project goals within the proposed budget
  • Clarity and focus of the research objectives and proposed technical milestones
  • Potential impact and significance of research results and public benefit

Potential for Technology Transfer

  • Probability that research results will enable and support obtaining a strong patent position, or enhancing an existing patent position
  • Significance of market need and opportunity
  • A relatively clear and short path to a commercially viable technology
  • Whether, and the extent to which, the technology in question offers advantages over currently available technologies
  • Probability that funding will result in significant advances leading to additional extramural funding (from industry, for example) and/or technology transfer


John Ritter
Director, Office of Technology Licensing
T 609-258-1570

Call for Proposals


5:00 P.M. October 5, 2018  


$100,000 for projects spanning six months to one year

Submission and Contact Information

Submit proposals via email to
John Ritter
Director, Office of Technology Licensing
T 609-258-1570