Limited Submission Proposals

The Office of the Dean for Research (ODFR) oversees the process of selecting individuals and teams permitted to submit proposals for funding opportunities known as “limited submissions.” These are funding opportunities where the sponsoring entity limits the number of funding proposals or nominations that Princeton may submit.

Please note: Some funding opportunities limit the number of proposals on which a researcher may be a PI, and this does not represent a limited submission situation.

Exceptions to the processes outlined below can be made in certain situations, such as when the deadline is short, when the program is highly focused, or when a proposal involves a strategic interest of the University.


    Announcement of Opportunities

    ODFR communicates notifications of limited submission funding opportunities via targeted email announcements  to deans, chairs and directors. These opportunities are also published on the Research Funding Gateway and featured in the Research Funding Newsletter.

    In the event that a researcher becomes aware of and intends to apply to a limited submission funding opportunity that has not been announced by ODFR, they must submit a Notice of Intent via email to [email protected]. The email should include details such as: PI name, email address, proposal due date, proposal title, the name of the funder or sponsor and a link to the funding opportunity announcement. This will allow ODFR to assess the necessity for an internal announcement and a review and selection process.

    Application Process

    Nominations for limited submissions opportunities and applications to be Princeton’s selection must be entered through the InfoReady portal.

    Questions about nomination criteria for a specific opportunity should be directed to [email protected].

    Selection Process

    ODFR has responsibility for all limited submission selections at the university, but typically delegates selection responsibility for certain fields and programs. The delegated unit, indicated in the opportunity announcement, is responsible for the application process, reviews, and campus approval and may follow procedures different from those in ODFR.

    Examples of delegated responsibility include programs related to graduate student education and research, which are delegated to the Graduate School. Similarly, proposals in the humanities are reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Faculty (ODOF), and the ODOF is responsible for selecting and approving Princeton's institutional nominations.

    For the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering And Applied Science:

    Non-Government-Funded Opportunities

    For non-government-funded opportunities, the Dean for Research annually appoints a Limited Submission Selection Committee consisting of senior faculty.  This committee reviews and ranks applications and nominations in cases where the number of internal nominations or applications exceeds the sponsor’s limitation. The group considers elements such as the likelihood of success in external competitions and the extent to which proposals align with the University's strategic objectives.

    The Dean for Research reviews the Selection Committee’s recommendation(s), gives final approval, and supports university efforts to nominate the institutional nominee(s).

    Government-Funded Opportunities

    For government-funded proposals, if the number of received internal applications exceeds the number of applications slots allocated by the sponsoring government agency, the Dean for Research reviews the internal nominations and selects Princeton’s approved applicant(s) for these programs, taking into consideration expert input appropriate to the particular funding opportunity.

    Selection Notification

    Once ODFR or the delegated campus unit finalizes a selection, the selected applicant(s) or nominee(s) are notified and offered support from ODFR in developing their proposal. In cases where there is a nomination from a dean, chair, or director, ODFR also notifies the nominator of the outcome. The Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) is additionally notified.

    Selection Committee reviewers are encouraged to provide written feedback that may be shared anonymously with nominees, upon request.

    Faculty Responsibility

    Researchers and teams who are selected for limited submission opportunities must work with the appropriate administrators and units to obtain any additional required approvals prior to submitting a proposal to ORPA. Additionally, note that institutional endorsement through ORPA is required prior to submitting a proposal to a sponsor.

    Researchers and teams that decline the selection must notify ODFR as soon as possible so that others may compete. Notifications should be sent to [email protected].

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