Laboratory Learning Program 2023 - Hydrogels for environmental remediation (CBE-04)

Research Opportunity Number: CBE-04

Project Title:  Hydrogels for environmental remediation

Project Summary: The project will involve the development of hydrogels for water purification or interfacial reactions. During this project, the student will learn fundamental of polymer science and the basic principles and skills for conducting materials science research in the laboratory, with a particular focus on polymer and hydrogels. 

Student Roles and Responsibilities: Student will prepare the solutions, conduct the GPC and refractometry measurements, and analyze the results.

Additional Considerations:  Start and end dates are flexible, but the student should be available essentially full-time (at least 35 hours/week) for a minimum of 7 weeks.

Department/Institute:  Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty Sponsor:   Rodney Priestley

Participation Dates: June 19 - August 11, 2023

Stipend Offered:  $300

Number of Internships Available: 0-2

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023, midnight eastern daylight time