Laboratory Learning Program 2023 - Investigating heteroresistance to antibiotics (CBE-03)

Research Opportunity Number: CBE-03

Project Title:  Investigating heteroresistance to antibiotics

Project Summary: Clonal bacterial populations can exhibit different levels of resistance to antibiotics, which is a phenomenon known as heteroresistance. Heteroresistance can be problematic in healthcare settings because it can lead to treatment with an ineffective antibiotic or eliminating antibiotics that could be useful in combination. This project will investigate genetic determinants of heteroresistance in bacteria.

Student Roles and Responsibilities: The student will work with a graduate mentor to learn scientific method and proper controls, so that reliable results can be obtained (bacterial culturing and materials for genetic engineering.)

Additional Considerations: The student should be available for a maximum of 20 hours a week.

Department/Institute:  Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty Sponsor:   Mark Brynildsen

Participation Dates: July 5 - August 16, 2023

Stipend Offered:  $0

Number of Internships Available: 0-1

Application Deadline: March 15, 2023, midnight eastern daylight time