Cosmology, research and teaching with Nobel laureate Jim Peebles

Written by
Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications
Dec. 5, 2019

In a few days, Princeton University professor emeritus and 1962 graduate alumnus James Peebles will be celebrated with the other 2019 Nobel laureates at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nobel Week kicks off Friday, Dec. 6, with an informal get-together for the laureates at the Nobel Prize Museum, then continues with lectures, a day-long seminar and concerts before an awards ceremony and banquet Dec. 10.

Peebles is the Albert Einstein Professor of Science, Emeritus, and professor of physics, emeritus. He completed his Ph.D. in physics at Princeton in 1962 and spent his entire career at the University, with his research and publications continuing long after his retirement in 2000.

In the video, Peebles discusses his lifetime of thinking about the origins of our universe and his contributions to the field — including his many books, culminating with the upcoming “Cosmology’s Century: An Inside History of Our Modern Understanding of the Universe,” coming out in June 2020 from Princeton University Press.

“I loved teaching,” Peebles said. “In addition to that, I love physics. And so what could be better than to talk physics to bright young students? I live my dream, studying science in this very pleasant town.” 

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