Data Science

  • New campus-wide service will enhance access to research data

    Tuesday, May 14, 2019
    by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

    With the goal of making the results of research and scholarship more accessible, Princeton will launch a new service to provide infrastructure and training to University researchers on how best to format and curate data in ways that facilitate long-term storage and discovery.  

  • Bringing Balance to the Quantum Force

    Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
    by Doug Hulette, Computer Science

    Quantum computing has plenty of skeptics, but assistant professor Mark Zhandry isn’t one of them. 

  • Post 'net neutrality' internet needs new measurement tools, Princeton experts tell policymakers

    Friday, Mar 29, 2019
    by John Sullivan, Office of Engineering Communications

    For much of the past decade, fierce political battles over the internet have involved concerns that the fastest access would go only to those with the greatest ability to pay. In testimony last week in Washington, however, a Princeton professor said measuring such performance is no longer so simple. On the internet, speed no longer rules.

  • Princeton Profiles: Roberts sisters study how to make the internet fairer and safer

    Thursday, Mar 21, 2019
    by Melissa Moss, Office of Communications

    When they were growing up in Dallas, Claudia and Laura Roberts would get frequent talks from their parents about how they might be judged by different standards in society due to prejudice.

    “Our father is from Panama and our mother is from Mexico,” said Claudia. “As immigrants to this country, they thought a lot about how to raise two girls in America and give us the best chance at a successful path.”

  • Funds spur innovation and benefit for society

    Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019
    by Molly Sharlach, Office of Engineering Communications

    Funds spur innovation and benefit for society Molly Sharlach, Office of Engineering Communications Mar 6, 2019 faculty A new method to combat antibiotic resistance; a way to use computer science to limit misinformation; and a plan to better understand the impacts of land use and climate change on flooding are among 19 projects awarded Innovation Research Grants this year through the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


  • Opening the Door to Our World: Machine Literacy and Beyond

    Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019
    by Doug Hulette for the Department of Computer Science

    Suppose you want to take on some stern challenge like, say, summiting Annapurna in the Himalayas of Nepal. You had better know what you’re doing. 

    The logical place to start would be to peruse books and guides that relate the adventures of other people who have done it, to learn from their experiences (including their missteps). With that knowledge, you might follow someone else’s lead, create your own unique experience, or, for that matter, scrap the whole idea.


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