The Ecology of Songbird Diversity in New Jersey

Monday, Apr 14, 2014

 How removing wolves from New Jersey has upset the natural balance and is affecting the songbirds.


Although songbirds aren't directly preyed upon by wolves, they are affected by the trophic cascade triggered by the removal of wolves. Without wolves, deer populations have exploded and altered the landscape in a way that is inhospitable to songbirds.

Producers: Lydia Anderson, Colleen Boyce, Sarah Waszkewitz
Voice over: Lydia Anderson
Music: "Cylinders" by Chris Zabriskie

This short film is one of several produced by students at Princeton University in an undergraduate course in Community Ecology (EEB 321) taught by Rob Pringle, assistant professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The students were assisted by graduate students Tyler Coverdale and Matthew Lutz. As part of the lab component of the class, students worked in teams to produce short animated videos about a conservation topic of their choice. The videos were inspired by Casey Dunn's CreatureCast project.

More videos from the class are available on YouTube.