Fusion Reaction: Creating the energy of the future

Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013

Fusion - the reaction that powers our sun - has tremendous potential for use as a safe, economical and environmentally attractive energy source. Researchers at the U. S. Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory are finding ways to harness this reaction, which involves fusing atomic nuclei together at very high temperatures. The process involves creating a plasma, an electrically charged gas similar to the gas inside a fluorescent light bulb, to confine the atomic nuclei and coax them to fuse with each other.

Produced by Team Plasma: Hee Jae Jang, Maxson Jarecki, Dayton Martindale, and Elizabeth Paul.


Fusion Reaction won the 2nd Place Science Mechanic prize in the 2013 competition. 

Science Action is an informal learning project at Princeton University that encourages students to create original online short science videos, addressing themes of science and engineering of great relevance for the 21st century.

As a team, the Science Action members learn to storyboard, film, edit & enter their very own short science videos in a university-wide competition.