Google Hangout on the Search for Dark Matter

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014

Princeton University's Peter Meyers, a professor of physics, and graduate student Emily Shields discussed the Darkside-50 project in a video interview Jan. 17 with Catherine Zandonella of the Office of the Dean for Research.

DarkSide-50 is searching for particles of dark matter. For the last several decades, researchers have known that visible matter — the stuff we can see — makes up only 4 percent of the universe, while dark energy is thought to make up about 73 percent. Dark matter is thought to make up the remaining 23 percent, and finding it, researchers say, will solidify our understanding of how the universe formed and shed light on its ultimate fate.

The DarkSide-50 research team is made up of faculty, students and researchers from dozens of institutions around the world. The experiment is taking place at Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory, located underneath a mountain about 80 miles east of Rome.

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