Patent Monetization & Enforcement: Tales from the Trenches

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Patent Monetization & Enforcement: Tales from the Trenches from Columbia Tech Ventures on Vimeo.

A panel discussion with Garrard Beeney (Partner and Co-Head of the Intellectual Property and Technology Group at Sullivan & Cromwell), Ian McClure (Director at the Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Kentucky, and former IPXI), Phil Hartstein (President and CEO of Finjan), John Veschi (CEO of Marquis Technologies and Former CEO of Rockstar), and Jeff Sears (Associate General Counsel and Chief Patent Counsel at Columbia University), covering such questions as “What is ‘efficient infringement’ and how have the new patent laws changed the licensing landscape?” (minute 1), “Advice for startups who believe their IP is being infringed by large companies?” (minute 14), “Advice on patent strategies for tech startups, vs. biopharma startups?” (minute 19); “What advice would you give the new Presidential, Secretary of Commerce, and the Director of the USPTO about intellectual property policy over the next 4 years?” (minute 28).