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  • Innovation key to N.J. climate, economic future, Gov. Murphy tells Andlinger meeting at Princeton

    Friday, Nov 9, 2018
    by John Sullivan, Office of Engineering Communications; Molly Seltzer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

    Declaring clean energy central to New Jersey’s economic future, Gov. Phil Murphy addressed a gathering at Princeton University this morning and sketched his plan to bring a range of new technologies to the state.

    “We are committed to not just making New Jersey a state that runs on clean energy, but the place where vital research and development, and even the manufacturing of component parts, happens,” Murphy said.

  • Task force issues recommendations to address administrative workload in research

    Monday, Nov 5, 2018
    by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

    A task force to explore the administrative effort associated with University research has issued recommendations to streamline workplace practices for researchers and staff.

    The Task Force on Administrative Workload in Research was charged with examining the effort spent by researchers on regulatory and compliance activities, while recognizing that compliance with applicable regulations is essential to the safe and responsible conduct of research.

  • ‘These Vibes Are Too Cosmic’ brings science to WPRB

    Thursday, Oct 25, 2018
    by Danielle Alio, Office of Communications; Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications

    At the unlikely intersection of talk radio, modern music and the Princeton graduate physics program is “These Vibes Are Too Cosmic,” a radio show bringing cutting-edge science research and groovy tunes to your dial every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

  • Andlinger Center conference tackles challenges of a changing climate

    Monday, Oct 1, 2018
    by Molly Seltzer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

    Hurricane Sandy sent a clear message on climate change, Tammy Snyder Murphy, the first lady of New Jersey, told the audience in her keynote speech at a Princeton climate conference Friday, Sept. 21.

    “We’re not looking at Sandy as just some part of our history, but something that we know will happen again unless we take action,” said Murphy, who plays a key role in the governor’s administration on climate and environmental policy. “We are accepting the challenge that climate change has presented. We are committed to making this state the magnet for innovative solutions.”

  • Animal research program passes AAALACi and USDA inspections

    Thursday, Aug 30, 2018
    by Staff, Research Integrity and Assurance

    The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALACi) has renewed its full accreditation of Princeton, commending the University for “providing and maintaining an exemplary program of laboratory animal care and use.”

    Andrew Grady, president of the AAALACi Council on Accreditation, gave the University notice of the organization’s decision in a July 16 letter to Stuart Leland, Princeton’s director of research integrity and assurance.

  • Adams named director of Office of Research and Project Administration

    Monday, Aug 6, 2018
    by Karin Dienst, Office of Communications

    Elizabeth Adams, a national leader in sponsored research administration in academia, has been named director of the Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA) at Princeton University, effective Aug. 13.

    Reporting to Dean for Research Pablo Debenedetti, Adams will oversee ORPA, which has a staff of 18 people who provide support and guidance to researchers and departmental administrators on sponsored research and project administration.

  • Scholars, artists from Puerto Rico visit Princeton for research, collaboration

    Thursday, Aug 2, 2018
    by Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications

    On Sept. 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria slammed into the Caribbean, soon after Hurricane Irma. Puerto Rico was one of the hardest-hit islands. Maria destroyed thousands of homes and the island's power grid, leaving millions without electricity — reportedly the longest blackout in U.S. history. While the recovery continues and the death toll is still being debated, Princeton University is serving as a haven for some Puerto Rican scholars and artists whose work and lives the storms disrupted.


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