Water Research is focus of EQuad News

Oct. 8, 2012

Cover image of EQuad News (Design by Matilda Luk, Office of Communications)Topics related to water are explored in the most recent issue of EQuad News, the magazine of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Topics include:

  • A trip to Nevada's Lake Mead provides a stark reminder of dramatically changing drought patterns.
  • Global changes mean a complex future for tropical storms.

  • Trends in "virtual water" trade.

  • Dams on Mekong River could spell disaster for fisheries.

  • Cutting through the clouds to reveal water's role in climate.
  • Less is more: the study of tiny droplets could have big applications
  • Reporting in the journal Nature, Princeton engineers observed liquid spreading along flexible fibers.

  • Probing water's molecular mysteries yields practical insights.
  • Tracking drought to aid disaster relief.

  • Microbes and marshes: Mix of chemistry and biology helps clean up waters.
  • Devising a 'silver bullet' for measuring water use by plants.