Sheera Gaskin

Director, Research Integrity and Assurance
Office Phone
619 Alexander Rd., Suite 102

Sheera Gaskin joined the office of Research Integrity and Assurance in February 2016 to implement a post-approval monitoring compliance program for the IACUC, IRB, and IBC. She was promoted to Assistant Director in 2018. Sheera earned her Master’s degree in Laboratory Animal Science from Drexel University. She is an AVMA accredited Graduate Veterinary Technologist, and a PRIM&R Certified Professional IACUC Administrator. Sheera has worked in the field of veterinary medicine since 1997, specializing in emergency medicine and anesthesia since 2003. She has served on an IACUC since 2002, and has specialized in animal research and compliance since 2007. Sheera has been the recipient of the Bio-Serv Enhancement and Improvement of Animal Welfare Award 2012 and the Drexel University Academic Achievement Award 2007-2009. Sheera is an adjunct professor and has served as the IACUC Chair at Camden County College since 2012. She is a member of the National Honors Society and professional organizations including DVB AALAS, National AALAS, PRIM&R, NABR, NJABR, NJVTA, IACUCAA, and PSBR. Sheera is active in public outreach that involves educating the public on the humane use of animals in research and the important role of the IACUC. Sheera enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband Tim and son Elijah.