Academic Research Infrastructure Plan

Department chairs and institute directors, working closely with academic managers and, where applicable, building managers (e.g., Engineering Quadrangle) must submit to the Office of the Dean for Research a plan for resumption of on-campus research activities (Academic Research Infrastructure Plan). The plan must include identification of critical dependencies (e.g., utilities, loading docks, procurement), a plan for operating core facilities, a plan for enforcing social distancing and personal protective equipment usage, and best practices for cleaning and circulation patterns in common areas.

Research Infrastructure Plans must be approved by the Office of the Dean for Research. Departments with approved ARIP plans may submit revisions to the Office of the Dean for Research at any time. Revisions must be approved prior to implementation. Plans approved through the ARIP process do not need to be duplicated in submissions to the Resumption of On Campus Operations process. 


General Instructions

  1. Department chairs and institute directors, working closely with academic managers and, where applicable, building managers (for example, in the Engineering Quadrangle) must prepare a plan for the resumption of research activities (Academic Research Infrastructure Plan). 
  2. Revisions should be clearly marked within the document to facilitate review (e.g., track changes, text in different color, or highlight).
  3. Consider your experience operating at the current level of research activity and campus operations. Which services can be provided remotely and which require on site personnel? Which facilities and services will be needed to support the phased resumption of research or other business needs of the department? Would revisions to the plan enable faculty, staff and researchers to utilize the space, time or other resources more effectively?
  4. Prepare to adjust operations with an understanding that information and guidelines will continue to evolve. Your experience and that of the campus and the broader community should be used to improve operations as time goes on. 
  5. Additional guidance for buildings and common areas is available in the Princeton Playbook
  6. Customize the table of facilities and operations to those relevant to your unit. 
  7. The table of department functions that need to be staffed at various levels does not require specific staff names. Complete the table by roles and/or titles. 
  8. Following approval of the ARIP, names of individuals approved to be on campus need to be submitted to the Office of the Executive Vice President at [email protected].
  9. Complete all sections with sufficient detail to use this plan as a guide for staff and researchers in the department or institute. 
  10. You may include additional information at the end of the document as needed.
  11. Submit your plan via the process below. The complete plan must be reviewed and receive approval from the Office of the Dean for Research (DFR) prior to implementation.

Review and Approval Process 

  1. The academic manager or designee uploads the Academic Research Infrastructure Plan to SHIELD on behalf of the unit and emails [email protected] to initiate the review process. SHIELD serves as a document repository for ARIP plans. It does not send an automatic email notification when plans are uploaded or modified.
  2. The DFR’s approval will be communicated by email to the department chair or institute director with a copy to the academic manager.
  3. The academic manager communicates changes within the approved plan to members of the department as needed. 
  4. After receiving approval, academic departments must submit the names of all personnel approved to be on campus to the Office of the Executive Vice President at [email protected].

Submit your plan