Research Lab Operations Plan

PIs and facility directors must submit a Research Lab Operations Plan indicating how labs will comply with density and hygiene metrics and practices, how social distancing will be enacted, and how hygiene practices (personal protective equipment, cleaning) will be followed and enforced.

Department chairs and institute directors review and must approve PI plans prior to submitting to the Office of the Dean for Research for final review and approval.


General Instructions

1.    Principal Investigators (PIs) and facility directors with on campus laboratories must prepare a plan for resumption of research activities (Research Lab Operations Plan). 
2.    Refer to your previously approved Research Essential Operations Plan, including any revisions, when completing this form. Several sections are the same or slightly modified. 
3.    Consider your experience during the past several weeks. Would revisions to the previously planned emergency communications or essential operations be needed for the future?
4.    Complete all sections with sufficient detail and clarity to enable researchers in your lab to conduct communications, transition activities, and implement the Level 2 phased resumption plan.
5.    Provide brief explanations for how all proposed personnel and activities in Level 3 and Level 4 are aligned with the criteria. 
6.    You may include additional information at the end of the document in an appendix as needed.
7.    Submit your plan via the process below. The complete plan must be reviewed and receive approval from the Dean for Research prior to resumption of research.

Submission and Review Process 

1.    PIs/facility directors will submit their plans to the department chair or institute director with a copy to the academic manager (by email) for review, feedback and iteration.
2.    PIs/facility directors with lab space in multiple academic units must share their completed plan with each of the relevant units in which the lab space is located.
3.    The top of the form contains a space for the chair(s)/director(s) to indicate approval, and return it to PI.
4.    Once approved by the chair/director, the PI uploads the plan to SHIELD
5.    DFR’s approval will be communicated by email to the PI, and a copy of the approved plan uploaded as a PDF in SHIELD.

Submit your plan