Research Profile

Facts and figures

1,289 faculty, including full time, part time and visiting

3,142 graduate students

31 Nobel-prize winning faculty and staff

42 doctoral departments and programs

1,588 research funding awards

$390M in annual sponsored research expenditures*

*Includes Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. See our Sponsored Research Report.


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A Vibrant Research Ecosystem

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World-class Facilities

Princeton's research facilities are state-of-the art. Most facilities are available to researchers across disciplines and departments. Learn more about our facilities.

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Faculty Honors

Award-winning research is part of the way that Princeton fulfills its commitment to serving humanity. Many current and former faculty members have achieved high honors.

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Research Funding

Princeton receives nearly $400 million in research funding annually. The majority of outside funding comes from federal agencies, with a substantial fraction from industry and foundations.